For strong muscles: Is vegetable Protein is healthier than animal?

Whether it’s legumes, nuts and seeds, or grain That plants provide enough protein to meet our daily needs, meanwhile, is known.

And also strong muscles can easily with vegetable proteins to build up.

Ask yourself now, what is the source for the survival of the main food groups, the healthier is vegetable or animal protein.

The composition of dietary protein

Protein – whether animal or vegetable – is made up of the same amino acids. The differences, however, in the amino acids number.

Animal Protein is in its structure to the human-like and can thus be absorbed better and faster by the body. This can be, for example, in strength training, according to Ford units is important.

Also, the biological value of proteins, plays a role. It indicates how efficiently a food protein can be converted in the body’s own protein. The biological value of animal Protein is often higher than that of vegetable protein, since the plant has protein ideal amino acid composition.

However, it also depends on the combination of: The biological value is increased when vegetable proteins of cereals, legumes, Egg, or potatoes clever combine be.

Meat, milk, eggs: The brings animal protein

“I need my daily Protein,” says some one, and a piece of meat, Lean cottage cheese or a glass of milk means.

A beef steak (100 grams) contains a whopping 25 grams of Protein. In principle this is great, would not the 19 grams of fat, the walking with each Bite of in the body. Also cheese and other dairy products are ideal Protein, but also animal fats.

In many fleshy protein sources and milk products, such as Bacon and Butter, is not only a lot of Protein, but also a lot of saturated fatty acids. The fats in large quantities are not particularly beneficial to health.

It looks better, however, in the case of fish and other sea creatures: 100 grams of salmon have only 13 grams of fat, 20 grams of Protein. At the same time oily fish provide essential omega-3 fatty acids. Nowadays, many fish, however, are places with micro-plastic and heavy metals burden.

Neither fish, meat or dairy products have carbohydrates or dietary fiber. Good for a Low Carb diet to lose weight, means that you have to include other sources.

Animal protein and health

Plus points

  • Meat, fish and dairy products contain a lot of protein. This makes it simple and straightforward, the days needed to cover
  • optimal amino acid profile

  • suitable for a Low Carb diet
  • Fish also provides essential Omega-3 fatty acids

Minus points

  • Meat contains a lot of saturated fatty acids
  • Carbohydrates and ballast substances must be obtained from other foods
  • sometimes high heavy metal pollution in marine animals and hormone or antibiotic residues in meat and milk products

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Tofu, vegetables, nuts: not So healthy plant protein is

As a vegetarian or a Vegan you can provide, contrary to many opinions, very comfortable with adequate Protein: In peas 100 grams 23 grams of protein, also lenses help with a good 24 grams of the daily requirement. Tofu, nuts, grains and vegetables also provide good sources.

Tofu contains 100 grams, about 13 grams of Protein. In addition, it is rich in potassium, what comes to your muscle function to Good.

In addition to the protein an important fiber that help to saturation, and the Slimming just stuck in vegetables. Also, for vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and good fats is taken care of. The latter stuck around in nuts.

High-performance athletes or individuals who require a diet exceptionally high in protein, should sometimes rely on protein powders to ensure an ideal protein intake.

In General, it is recommended to use organic plants and products not built to pay attention to in order as possible in contact with pesticides and co.

Vegetable protein and health


  • the normal daily requirement, with vegetables, cereals, legumes and nuts easy to cover – certain combinations to improve the biological value
  • Vegetables, Tofu, and co. also provide vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and dietary fiber
  • any amount of healthy fats, especially nuts


  • in the case of an increased protein supplements may be necessary
  • ‘Meat substitute’products often have less protein than the fleshy variant
  • conventional vegetables can pesticide be charged

In total, therefore, to Strengthen both plant and animal Protein, and weaknesses. It is important for both variants, to ensure a holistic perspective.

That is to say: he Who eats daily Burger, may be able to meet its protein budget, you do your body in the long run, nevertheless, not a Favor.

Vegetable protein, in contrast, scores with fiber, healthy fats, minerals and cell-protecting nutrients and is also better for the environment.

Olivia Samnick

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