Five no-equipment workouts to try from the comfort of your house

From planks to crunches and push-ups, which workout is your favourite?

For many people around the world, the pandemic has stolen their chance of working out in the gym (for fear of contracting the virus). If your New Year resolutions are to become fit, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you. To help you burn those extra calories and get that summer body in 2021, here are five no-equipment workouts, courtesy of Solomon Gomes, trainer’s lead at TREAD.


“Crunches are one of the most popular forms of abdominal exercises targeting your abs and core muscle group. It helps in strengthening and toning your abdominal muscles and your obliques,” says Gomes. There are various types of crunches you can do at your home and these include Russian crunch, wiper crunch, reverse crunch and bicycle crunch.


Squats are great for strengthening your lower body as it targets your back, hips and also extend to the knee joint. They are highly effective and loved by many to tone and strengthen their back. “The trainer shares the few kinds of squats you can do at home — sumo squats, jump squats, air squat and, narrow squats.”


From reverse lunges to side lunges and from walking lunges to twist lunges, they are known to be one of the most effective lower body workouts for people of all ages. “It is a position where one leg is positioned at the front with bent knees and the other backward and targets your legs and thighs,” explains Gomes. In fact, if you want a heavy workout which allows you to lose weight faster, this is the workout for you!


All you have to do is be in an elevated position from the ground with the help of your arms. “This workout targets your upper body like your shoulders, chest, triceps and pectoral muscles. The most effective kind of push-ups range from military push-ups to diamond push-ups and Spiderman push-ups,” says the trainer.


If getting a flat stomach happens to be your resolution, then planks are the one for you. “Very similar to push-ups, planks are highly effective and help strengthen your muscles and develop a good posture. It majorly targets your spine, abdominal muscles, and your core.” From side planks to plank jacks or even side planks with leg raise — which one would you like to go for?

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