Elizabeth Hurley Just Showed Off Her Toned Abs In Series Of New Topless Bikini Photos

  • Elizabeth Hurley, 54, just showed off her toned abs and arms in new series of bikini Instagram photos.
  • The actress and model stays fit by eating nutritious meals and staying hydrated.
  • Elizabeth’s not big on hitting the gym, but gets her exercise in while doing outdoor activity and chores.

Does anybody know the record for bikini photos posted in a week? It doesn’t really matter because Elizabeth Hurley, 54, is well on her way to breaking it. The actress, model, and swimsuit designer just posted a new trio of bikini photos on Instagram, and each one is better than the last.

In two of her three photos, the Royals alum wearing the aptly named Sunshine Bikini from her line Elizabeth Hurley Beach. However, she snuck in a topless pic in the middle of the series. Her bikini morphed into a one-piece, but she looked calm, cool, and collected through it all. Not to mention, she looks ageless and crazy-toned in the pics. Elizabeth wrote in the caption, “English sunshine….. but with my trusty SPF 50 😉.”

She holds her trusty Clinique Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Sunscreen close to her heart in the photos. The mellow yellow bottle perfectly matches her bikini, too. (Well planned, Liz!)


So, what’s her stay-fit secret at 54? Elizabeth’s healthy diet and fitness routine help her stay toned head-to-toe. It may be hard to believe, but Elizabeth is not a regular at the gym. Instead, her workout routine is primarily household activities and just moving around outside. “I do a lot of exercise, but it’s really the gardening… cutting down a hedge, using my chainsaw to cut down a tree, logging, all of that stuff I do. So, I’m very active,” she told Extra.

But, as she revealed in another bikini video, Elizabeth does pick up dumbbells on occasion. She shared her alfresco arm workout using the dumbbells.


Liz also tries to stick to a super healthy diet. She even had an organic farm when her son Damien was little. “All through summer we eat fruit and vegetables from my own garden. I used to have a small organic farm, and all the meat my son ate was from the farm,” she told The Cut. “Obviously that’s not possible for most people, but supporting local farmers wherever you live is a good thing.”

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