Does your back feel stiff in the morning? Deepika Singh shares yoga asanas that can help

With regular practice of yoga, one can avoid waking up with a stiff back. Here are some easy asanas to practice

Do you often wake up in the morning with a stiff back? While several health impediments may play a role, such pain is also said to occur because of long period of rest or decreased blood flow in the body. This is why moving around slowly and stretching upon waking up is advised to help the body resume its normal functioning without causing any further pain or injury.

If you are not in the habit of stretching, it is time you begin. Stretching helps increase blood flow and also refreshes the body. Besides regular stretching, you can also include some easy yoga poses that can make your mornings better and stretch the body enough.

Not sure how to go about that?

Here is actor Deepika Singh sharing some incredible yoga asanas to help you kick-start your day and overcome a stiff back.

Some amazing Yoga asana to mobilise your back on a stiff Monday morning ? 1. Tadasana 2.Hasta padasana- Hans to foot pose 3. Plank pose 4. Ashtanga Namaskar 5. Bhujangasana – Cobrapose. 6. Dhanurasana- Bow pose 7. Adho mukho savasana- Downward facing Dog pose. 8. Ustrasana- Camel pose. 9. Bitilasana- Cat-cow pose. 10. Balasana – child pose. Happy Monday morning everyone ?. #yoga #yogavideo #selfievideo #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #mondaymorning

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However, practice only those yoga asanas that you can do without straining your muscles. Also ensure you are not suffering from chronic back issues or such health conditions when undertaking such practices.

Singh mentioned a list of asanas.


The basic standing stretch helps pull the tailbone downward and pushes the pubic bone towards the chest. It also helps improve posture, strengthen knees, thighs, ankles, abdomen and buttocks as well as relieves flat feet issues.

Hasta Padasana

The standing forward bending pose is an ideal way to stretch the body effectively while helping cure other issues like constipation, as per experts.

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Improved abdominal strength is known to enhance flexibility and balance in the back which helps improve the body’s posture. This helps reduce the stress on the back when sitting for long periods of time.

Ashtanga Namaskar

Ashtanga Namaskara also called Ashtanga Dandavat Pranam or the eight limbed pose is an asana which helps bring a balance around the spine. The active stimulation of muscles of the spine increases the range of movement which strengthens the back. It is one of the reasons why Surya Namaskar, of which Ashtanga Namaskar is a part, is said to be beneficial for the back when done with proper posture.


Opening up the chest and spine helps align the back and adds to its flexibility. However, if not practised correctly, the pose itself can be a cause of back pain.


Dhanurasana is a good pose to open up the chest and stretch out the back which is extremely beneficial for people who sit or stand for long periods of time. The pose also helps open the shoulders, neck and abdomen which improves flexibility in the back by engaging the core and chest.

Adho mukho savasana

The pose helps relieve a tired back and bring awareness to the areas of the spine which tend to become stiff. The pose helps improve posture as well.


The kneeling backbend helps open up the chest and stimulates the back muscles.


Cat and Cow pose is beneficial for the shoulder blades, hips, spine, and abdomen, and when done regularly enhances the spine’s flexibility and balance..


While stabilising the spine, balasana helps stretch the muscles in the lower back effectively, thus relieving a stiff back.

Have you tried them yet?

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