Diet: Alternative recipes to try: meat waiver begins in the mind

For many people, meat is not only on feast days on the table.

This is a lot of it – especially red meat – not so healthy. The German nutrition society therefore advises, if you eat meat, is not more than 300 to 600 grams per week.

It is a process

Nevertheless, many people find it to refrain from heavy on meat. Why? The intent to fail often, because the habit is stronger.

This is not an All-or-Nothing decision, but rather a process, explains Simone Dohle, a Social psychologist at the University of Cologne.

Who wants to mindfully deal with animal products, must not automatically start eating meat at all. It is important to plan the use and to look for alternative sources of protein.

The dining plan with Alternatives to enrich

Now, Tofu or veggie chips is not everyone’s thing. However, interestingly, show the research, according to Dohle, that foods are often liked more when they are actively involved in the preparation of Food.

As to his habits, so to break through? Thus, the intent to succeed, recommends the jackdaw to look often times over the edge – so with alternative recipes, as well as other ways of preparing to deal.

An advantage: It is the waiver in the foreground is less, but enriches his diet.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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