Delicious breakfast smoothie recipes to kickstart your morning

Try one of these amazing smoothie recipes to power your day or recover from a morning workout. 

If your pre-lockdown morning routines were anything like ours, they were so busy they had to begin the night before. We filled Tupperware with oats and fruit, layed out gym clothes and filled the coffee machine so to avoid wasting any time before heading to a morning workout. Caffeine was downed en-route, and breakfast was inhaled the second we walked into the office.

Now, as much as we miss our old daily routines and long for the gym, we actually get the time to take things a bit more slow in the mornings. Like us, you might still be working out first thing in the morning, but we now get to take your time with it. We also have the chance to be more considerate over breakfast, taking time to make what we crave, whether it’s banana pancakes or scrambled eggs. 

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One thing the Strong Women team have been loving making in the morning is smoothies. We’re able to chop and change the recipe depending on what we have in the fridge, freezer and cupboard, whether we’re in the mood for something chocolatey and indulgent or fresh and green. 

In need of some smoothie inspiration? Here are some of our favourite. 

  • The best energising coffee smoothie

    Try this coffee smoothie recipe from A Sweet Pea Chef

    Why not turn your caffeine kick into something more substantial? Using simple ingredients, like banana, nut butter and almond milk, this vegan smoothie from A Sweet Pea Chef will power you through your morning admin and keep you full until lunch.

    Find the recipe here

  • The best smoothie bowl

    We love the acai bowl recipe from The Forked Spoon

    How could we talk about breakfast smoothies without mentioning acai bowls? The berry has become an Instagram favourite for it’s amazing colour and texture when blended, but it also has huge antioxidant benefits. This recipe from The Forked Spoon gets it spot on. Granola on top is non-negotiable. 

    Find the reicpe here

  • The best green smoothie

    The green smoothies from The Doctor’s Kitchen packs in protein and veggies

    Look, we know green smoothies get a bad rep. But that’s because most people don’t do it right. This Doctor’s Kitchen recipe includes bananas and orange juice to give a hint of sweetness and fresh herbs for loads of flavour. The greek yoghurt adds some satiating protein, too. 

    Find the recipe here

  • The best protein smoothie

    We love Naturally Sassy’s protein smoothie

    Naturally Sassy’s protein smoothie is perfect for post-workout, made with fast action carbs and protein powder to aid recovery. She uses brown rice protein powder in her recipe, but you can use any that you have in the cupboard (it’s particularly great with salted caramel or vanilla flavours though). 

    Find the recipe here

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