Dating: According to the survey: How Corona has changed the Dating

Parship, Bumble, Tinder and co. are nowadays the method of choice to new people and potential partners to meet.

During the Corona-lock downs were even, the only possibility of contact with foreign people.

New Features have revolutionized apparently Dating to the contact limitations and in the case of some Single of the Corona which has caused a pandemic even new desires.

Lockdown is fuelling the desire to have serious relations

According to a survey by Parship from the July 2020, in the case of 3.723 members of the Dating site have been interviewed, has Corona affects the nature of the conversations and the search intentions – especially of younger Singles (18-29 years) – sustainable.

Thus, 25 percent said that the desire for a Partner is increased; in the boys Singles, there were even 39 percent who want a serious relationship.

This Intention is also reflected in the text messages. The had become less superficial and longer.

Dating expert Eric Hegmann attributed to the fact that in-depth conversations to generate more closeness, and so against loneliness more effectively than small talk.

Suitable for this purpose also shows that with fewer potential partners at the same time is written. A Quality-over-Quantity Trend seems to be emerging.

Dating from the fear of infection is more prudent?

According to Parship, the desire for a personal Meeting increases after the relaxations in the case of many. However, as the site for this purpose, 62 percent choose the fresh air instead of the Date-classic Bar or Restaurant (45 per cent).

It is to be understood possibly as a precaution against infection to? If so, then maybe more of the sub-conscious.

That the Dating Partner is using the Corona-Warning App, to give only three per cent as a prerequisite for a Date.

New Dating Trend: Video Chat-Dating

The Dating App Bumble has introduced one of the first of a Video-Chat function, and the Virtual Dating during the lock downs enormously enriched.

The video calls, without the exchange of contact information please however, even after the relaxations are still very popular.

The so-called Pre-Dating, a first Date, in the Form of Video-telephony had increased in Germany since March by 114 per cent, it says.

Associate Director, Marketing Bumble Naomi walk the country sees the reason for this, on the one hand, in the aspect of safety, but also – similar to Hegmann – in the changes in the search intentions of the Users.

Singles slow down the pace, because thanks to video chat Date, the first Sniff without risk is now possible. This also encourages in-depth conversations through facial Expressions, Gestures and direct eye contact.

Tinder is testing a Video Feature in a number of countries

Also Dating-App-giant Tinder can’t ignore the new Dating Trend and wants to bring its video chat Feature Face-to-Face until the end of 2020, out.

The time is still being tested for possible security risks. Selected groups in 13 countries, including Australia, France and some US States, may turn the Video function is already free and use.

Both users must agree to the possibility of Video telephony, as well as the policy guidelines specifically, before the Match can talk to each other.

A Feedback will be sent directly after the termination of the Calls to Tinder. So Cyber-bullying and misuse of the function is to be prevented.


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Kimberly Papenthin

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