Count on these easy yoga poses to lose extra weight post the festivities

Weight loss requires a multi-pronged approach of maintaining a healthy sleep routine along with a balanced diet and minimal junk and processed food besides doing yoga.

With the festive fever finally over, the realisation of eating unhealthy dawns on us. It is all fun and games when you spending time with your relatives and loved ones, eating and enjoying. But, now is the time to shed all of those calories. If you are wondering where to start from then Jayant Bokadia, CEO, Nimba Nature Cure lists out five easy yoga poses for you to incorporate in your daily routine to help you get back to your fitter self.

Yoga is known to harmonise the body by adhering to five principles which are — exercise, diet, breathing, relaxation and meditation. Yoga techniques are called asanas and they tackle obesity through bending, stretching and twisting. These asanas also improve blood circulation and strengthen their functioning.

Chaturangadandasana or the plank pose

This is one of the challenging yoga postures and one must know how to do this pose so as to minimise the risk of a shoulder injury. “Performing this asana requires an individual to get into a plank position by strengthening legs and arms, shifting the plank position upwards and then lowering it by bending the elbows straight back,” says Bokadia.

One must be careful of not hovering shoulders over the wrists, lowering too much, or letting hips and elbows stick out.  Remember, alignment is the key here to prevent injury to the shoulder. Besides losing weight, this posture strengthens core muscles and improves standing posture. 

Adho Mukha Svanasana aka the downward dog pose

He says that “this is the widely recognised technique that gives a rejuvenating stretch to your body. The pose involves touching the head down onto the floor, with the weight of the body being on palms and feet. The arms and legs should be kept straight, shoulders wide apart and hips raised as high as one can.”

However, in case you face difficulty raising the shoulders, support your hands off the floor on the block or a metal chair. This asana de-stresses the body and helps prevent osteoporosis while relieving symptoms of menstrual discomfort and menopause.

Sarvangasana or the shoulder stand

It is often considered as ‘Queen of Asanas’ as it stimulates the functioning of almost the whole body. This asana involves balancing your entire body on the shoulders, legs, buttocks and back.  It is well-known to relieve constipation, varicose veins and indigestion. Keep a note that people with slipped disc, spondylosis, heart problems should consult a physician before performing this asana. 

Surya Namaskara

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Last but not the least, this asana is most effective because it involves the sequence of 12 poses. In fact, Surya Namaskar is known to be the best cardiovascular workout in yoga. “There are several versions of this asanas, but it is advisable to stick to one version. Those suffering from neck or back injuries must avoid doing this asana,” says Bokadia.

He also points out that all these asanas must be performed early morning on an empty stomach to yield the best results. 

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