Coronavirus: infection in the Singing through the distance and duration of ventilation to avoid

When they Sing, so-called aerosols, i.e. mixtures of solid or liquid suspended particles, up to a Meter and a half can be discharged to the front.

This is what scientists at the University hospitals Munich and Erlangen, in an attempt to have discovered the series with the choir of the Bavarian radio (BR).

In choir wide of the ejected Aerosol cloud was samples because of the up to one and a half meters to recommend to the front, a distance of at least two meters, said Matthias Echternach from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University (LMU) according to the message.

To the side is significantly less rich are the aerosols-wide has been measured, so that gaps of approximately one and a half meters would be sufficient.

In any case, the permanent supply of fresh air was important “to remove the aerosols from the air,” said Echternach.

Additional security could, therefore, partition walls between the singers. Singing with a protective mask would reduce the outlet of the particle, in principle, clear.

However, Echternach, is the Wearing of protective masks, particularly for professional choirs probably not an Option, because of the vocals and the sound will be affected.

There are already studies that deal with the dissemination of droplets and aerosols in the air.

So, researchers out of Washington analyzed about the infection within of a Choir and also came to the conclusion that the Transfer was due to a distance of two meters.

Christian Kähler by the Institute of fluid mechanics and aerodynamics at the Universität der Bundeswehr München, according to the distance between the choir’s singers at the possible Transmission of the Coronavirus, a role.

Adherence to basic hygiene rules and, for example, the height of the sample chamber to be factors of important influence.


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