Conspiracy theories

The Federal government has strongly warned against misinformation in the Corona-crisis. This could have “life-threatening consequences,” said the Deputy government spokesperson Ulrike Demmer on Monday in Berlin.

“It is clear that a critical Public, rallies, demonstrations, debates, that the democracy part of it,” she said.

This applies to all topics, and also in times of pandemic. “We take the Concerns, needs and, of course, criticisms to this issue very seriously.”

Demmer said: “there is No space from the point of view of the Federal government, but for extremist ideas, for incorrect information, myths, misleading rumors. Who spread false tales to the Corona pandemic, aware of the want columns our country and people against another.”

On the Internet, in Messenger-groups course a lot of falsehoods, conspiracy theories, false health tips and calls to breaches of the protection measures or public order and numbered.

“As a result, people are brought life is in danger, and this must not be.”

Demmer stressed again: “There will be no obligation to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus.”

Said Microsoft founder Bill Gates, the by some to be a mastermind of the Corona-crisis, you: “Here are stories in circulation that unsettle people.”

The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have provided for the suppression of Corona-pandemic so far, $ 250 million available. “The Federal government appreciates the work of the Foundation quite explicitly.”

The Deputy government spokesperson urged to check facts with reliable sources.

“It is our joint responsibility to engage in substantive public discourse on the subject.” Of nonsense could easily be actions, such as attacks on journalists during demonstrations showed.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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