Circuit training at home: These 5 Exercises to bring the whole body in the Form of

In the last couple of weeks Fitness-Influencerin Whitney Simmons has shown time and again that Home can Workouts be just as effective as workouts in the gym.

No matter, whether with additional dumbbells or just your own body weight: Simmons and white, as they bring their Fans to sweat.

So, too, in her new Workout Video, which she released on her Instagram channel – an intense circuit training, involving all parts of the body.

Body and spirit through Sport support

“Do something today for you!”, the Influencerin motivated their Followers under the Post, and stresses: “pay attention to your physical and mental health!”

For the Workout, you just need a Set with different weights, you depending on the Exercise to your level of performance can change, and a training Mat.

Then it can start already.

HOWTO: Perform each Exercise for 45 seconds followed by 15 seconds of rest. Make a total of four passages.

1. Up down best half Burpee

The Workout starts with an Exercise that has it all: Burpees. In the embodiment chosen by Whitney, it’s all riding to a slightly weaker variant.

The advantage of this is that you can warm-up your body first. Since it is rather small jumps, this Version is also good in the apartment executable.

  • The initial position is the Quadruped, wherein the weight rests only on your hands and your toes.
  • Sink and lift you out of this Position, first of all, by you, from your hands to your forearms umsteigst and then back to the top press – your knees stay all the time in the air.
  • Do with both feet a little bounce in the direction of your hands and raise you up.
  • Sink you, finally, in the Squat down again, to support your hands in front of you and back jump to your feet, to get to the starting position.

2. Sumo Squat to Sumo Romanian Deadlift

After your body should now be warmed up, it’s time to focus on your legs and your Butt.

For this you will need two dumbbells, place you in a wide, stable Stand, the toes are only rotated very slightly to the outside.

  • Shift your pelvis slightly to the rear, pulling together the shoulder blades and let the Weights with outstretched arms straight out in front of your body down towards the floor.
  • You to judge well controlled, consider targeted, the tension in the posterior Muscle fibers of your legs.
  • Lifting the dumbbells during the Erecting in front of your chest and go into the Sumo Squat.
  • Pressures you out of this then back up into the upright position.

Although you should feel the Deadlifts and the tension especially in the legs, it is important to ensure a correct position of the back – so that unnecessary injuries are avoided.

So: navel move in, head in the extension of the keep the spine and shoulder blades to pull back.

3. Side Plank with Rear Delt Raise

Hardly an Exercise manages to put the body under such a high voltage as the Plank – this is also true for the lateral variations.

Trade for this Exercise, two dumbbells against a slightly lighter weight.

  • Position yourself for this run to the side: Your body weight is resting only on one Hand, as well as the sides of your feet – and your body forms a Straight line.
  • Now hold with the free Hand, the weight stretched out to the top.
  • From the sink, it is controlled with the still outstretched Arm in front of your body, your gaze follows the weight.

After you sequence this Movement with the one side pulled through and you time approved for you, the other side of the row.

4. Neutral grip Press to Y-Press

Women should not only train the stomach and legs, but also your torso and strengthen the power of Whitney in your Workouts time and again.

Therefore, a wonderful compound Exercise that will require the shoulders and arms a lot – in snap-in here comes now,’ you re two dumbbells.

  • Knee you first on your Mat and hold the dumbbells with bent arms on shoulder height in front of your body.
  • The Weights from this Position, press up over your head and sink is then controlled down again.
  • Change in this Position, the handle, by opening your elbows to the side. The weights, then press back up.

How to see if Whitney is good, this Exercise is only controlled by the execution really effective. Therefore, The Weights nice and slow and controlled move.

5. High Plank Lung Jumps

Just one last Exercise, then you’ve made it! So, once again, clench your teeth and the remainder of the Minute give it your all.

  • Ausgangspotistion the upright pushup position. Here, however, are not stretched out both legs, a foot is approximately at the height of the hands.
  • Run in this Position, lung Jumps, by switching the position of the foot by leaps.

This version is as the last Exercise of the workout is a little to hard for your muscles? No Problem at all!

  • Instead of moving the feet through Sprüge, you can also put you easily in succession to the rear and the front.

According to the last 45 seconds, you’ve done it.

Cornelia Bertram

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