But first coffee?: Those who drink too much coffee is detrimental to his health

Coffee is one of the favorite drinks in the world. Again and again new creations and trend variants, he inspired people around the globe.

This coffee not only tastes good, but it has also been touted again and again because of its stimulating, health-promoting effect.

Researchers at the University of South Australia have now been out of the question.

At least for a part of the population, the consumption of coffee appears, in fact, a health hazard.

Six cups of coffee on the ceiling

Already in earlier studies, Professor Hypponen and his Team from the University of South Australia had expressed a high level of coffee consumption compared with the more critical of: Six cups of coffee per day, you limit that time as a senior.

In a new study, which was published in March 2020 in the journal ‘Clinical Nutrition’, the researchers are now further investigating whether the genetics of humans has an impact on how health-friendly coffee for each Individual.

“Worldwide, we drink every day around three billion cups of coffee”, explains the Professor a keen interest in this field of research. “Therefore, it only makes sense that Before – and to investigate the disadvantages of it on our health.”

Coffee increases the risk of disease

The data from over 300,000 participants, the researchers used to investigate genetic relationships between coffee consumption and certain diseases.

They found initially reassuring way, that moderate drinking of coffee is largely considered to be safe is to be classified.

“However, it also showed that habitual coffee consumption increased the risk for three diseases: osteoarthritis, arthropathy (a joint disease), and obesity,” explains Dr. Hypponen, the further study results.

For people with a genetic predisposition to one of these three diseases is coffee, therefore, a certain degree of risk.

On the body listen to

The results of the study do not need to go to a coffee boycott, but should serve as a warning, according to the researchers.

At the same time, they call to hear more on the own body feeling.

“The body generally sends out strong messages in relation to coffee consumption. Therefore, it is essential that each Individual pays attention to this, if he or she drinks coffee.“

But above all, the enjoyment in moderation is an effective strategy to do of their own health.


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