At full Power, Pamela Reif: 8 minutes-Workout for a tighter tummy

The rock-hard six pack Workouts by Pamela Mature have already brought some of the abdominal muscles to Tremble.

In order for your Fans is not when Training is boring, the Influencerin with new exercise combinations on a regular basis for sweaty replenishment.

Most recently, she has published on their YouTube channel is an 8-minute six pack Abs-unit, the fell your Video host Christopher visibly anything other than easy.

“The Abs are his weakness. He had to suffer during my six pack Abs Routine properly” quips Pam under the Video. “You can make it, the whole Workout to keep?”

Here’s how: Each of the Exercises (the last Plank) is performed for 30 seconds. Since no breaks are provided, it is to give eight minutes of full throttle.

The crisp Workout can be without any Equipment to run perfectly, so, the abdominal muscles in between, so really turn up the heat. Excuses do not count!

1. With raised legs

Pamela’s in your Workout, of course, hard-hitting, in the first four Exercises, all of which are triggers your abdominal muscles properly:

  • Crunch & Knee Lift
  • Christopher Knife
  • Knife Variation
  • Flutter Kicks

Since your legs are during the execution of permanent in the air, to speak to these Exercises, especially the lower abdominal muscles – so it’s perfect to have the six pack to expose.

2. Heel Touch

After all, the anterior abdominal muscles have already been placed under high voltage, is placed with this Exercise, the focus is also on the side of the muscle strands.

Since your upper back permanently from the soil is lifted, but claimed also the anterior muscles still.

3. Plank Variations

Exercises that are performed in the Plank, not only on the abdominal muscles, but to speak also of other parts of the body intensive. The next three Exercises, so wonderfully effective:

  • Elbow Plank
  • Bear Hold & Walk
  • Elbow-to-Elbow

Do these Exercises on the correct posture: Keep the buttocks are not too high or too low and your head is always in the extension of the back – this is healthier for the spine.

4. Crunch Variations

There are two variations of the classic abdominal exercises-the Crunches follow:

  • Cross Crunch
  • Reverse Crunch

The combination of these two variations is chosen, the super – because they speak to both the lateral and the anterior abdominal muscles perfectly.

Tip: Adjust your breathing to the movement. Breathe out when you lift your torso. As a result, the tension in the abdominal muscles is to feel better.

5. With raised legs

And thus, the muscle soreness will not have to wait long, it goes more against the end of the workout as very intense:

  • Flutter Kicks
  • From Hold

Eighth in the execution of these two Exercises, your lower back continuously rests on the ground. Your abdominal muscles must work really permanent. And don’t forget to Breathe.

6. Plank as a Finisher

Just one last Exercise, then you’ve made it! This Plank has it but really because you’re not supposed to just 30 seconds, but around 2.5 minutes.

Certainly not an easy last Exercise. But with the musical support of Pamela’s Workout-guest, the time flies by just like that.

Cornelia Bertram

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