Arnold Schwarzenegger (and His Pet Donkey) Get Swole at Home

Arnold Schwarzenegger has been one of the most vocal advocates for safe social distancing throughout the coronavirus quarantine period. He was early to use his social media platform to urge people to stay home to stop the spread of the disease. Then, he shared his go-to home workout protocols from his bodybuilding days and videos of his more recent backyard training sessions once things got more serious.

Now, as some states are reopening, Schwarzenegger is still being cautious and getting his workouts in at home. The Governator just shared an Instagram video of a session from his home gym—with a little assistance from his pet donkey, Lulu.

Unsurprisingly, Arnold’s setup is a little more extensive than the barebones fitness spaces most people have access to at home, or even in your run of the mill hotel. Rows of machines line a large open room (Schwarzenegger largely shifted his training to focus on machines in 2012 after several surgeries), so Lulu has plenty of space to tail Schwarzenegger as he chases the pump. The bodybuilding icon works through reps of bent-over calf raises (a.k.a. donkey raises, fittingly), lat pulldowns, pec deck flys, and seated chest presses.

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Lulu pumps up.

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The effort is all part of Arnold’s daily routine that helps him to stay active, healthy, and successful into his seventies. “I go to the gym for 45 minutes to an hour, that’s also routine,” he said in an interview last month. It’s always kind of the same thing, I’ll do arms and deltoids one day, and then the next day I do chest and back, calves, abs… and then it repeats itself, that’s the whole week.”

He just left out the part where he’s tailed by his loyal barnyard pets. That must make training a bit more interesting than most people’s standard workout.

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