38,6 degree: on Sunday the hottest day of the year – the heat remains

38.6 degrees, the nation’s highest temperature of the previous year have been measured in Trier on Sunday.

As it was called in the evening at the German weather service (DWD) in Offenbach, it was achieved the record at the DWD Station to Trier-petrisberg.

Also, second place went to the city in Rhineland-Palatinate: Up to 38,2 degrees were in Trier-Zewen.

Third place was shared by the information in accordance with a maximum temperature of 37.5 degrees, the weather stations in Kahl am Main in Bavaria, as well as at Frankfurt airport.

Previously, the maximum value for this year at 38.5 degrees measured at the 31. July further South in Rheinfelden. Already, the Federal-wide temperature Maximum on Saturday was been recorded at 38.2 degrees on the Trier-Petri mountain.

Many people were looking at the heat for the weekend, cooling off in the water. The beaches on the North sea and the Baltic were equal to the shores of the lake. And in the coming days about the middle of the week is still fashionable to sweat.

Heat wave continues

High “Emil” is now spreading through Northern Europe, and ensures, that Atlantic low foothills have no Chance to go to Germany as a forecaster of the German weather service (DWD) reported.

The heat wave is also in the extension, when the air especially in the middle and in the South a little more humid. As a result, it could come to individual, also strong, heat-lightning storms.

Does not lead to cooling, and in many places much-needed summer rain, this Storm, the meteorologists suggested that however. In addition, the temperatures of 30 to 37 degrees felt during the day, and, partially, hardly below 20 degrees in the nights due to the increasing Humidity again warmer.

The current heat warnings due to the continued strong thermal load to take. One end of the high summer is not reported to be in sight. Also in the East of Germany was warned of thunderstorms.

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The summer weather brought on Saturday, many of the beaches of the North sea and the Baltic sea to the Limit – even on a Sunday, it attracted many vacationers to the lake.

The departure traffic of holiday makers to the holiday in some provinces, the location made on Sunday, however, a little more relaxed.

The capacity utilization in the long-distance trains was due to the school start a little higher than the last time, said a railway spokesman on Sunday.

Already on Saturday, the state – owned group had spoken of increased travel on the day, however, especially in the regional trains to the coasts. Significant limitations in the operation, it was not, therefore, until Sunday afternoon.

In lower Saxony drinking water is scarce

The heat led to a temporary shortage of drinkable water in the lower Saxon village of Lauenau. There, the water was assumed to be to the warm and dry days.

“Otherwise, the people are traveling in the summer time and now you are at home,” said George Hudalla, the mayor of the Samtgemeinde Rodenberg, one of the Lauenau. Therefore, the water consumption had increased greatly.

On Saturday afternoon, the people would have reacted in Lauenau on the scarcity of water, the consumption had dropped by two-thirds. On Sunday, the situation had eased somewhat.

Accidents overshadow the heat weekend

For a minimum of five people in Germany, the summer ended festive fun to be fatal. Two died in the state of Baden-Württemberg. On Waldmattensee in Lahr, a 19-year-old non-swimmer was killed. From a lake in St. Leon-Rot, a 52-was rescued-Year-old lifeless.

The exact circumstances of the accidents were initially unclear. Also in North Rhine-Westphalia, there was at the weekend in waters more when it hit the hole with at least three dead.

Bathers have been in this summer, only a few Alternatives. Because of the Corona pandemic, many remain closed pools or only to a limited number of visitors into the pool.

Many authorities had warned in recent weeks against Overfilling of swimming areas, increased control and partially access.

In Greece, heat thunderstorms with heavy rain have cases tasted on Sunday morning, at least five people. The victims, according to information from the civil protection, a toddler and four adults.

“In addition, two people are missing,” said the head of the civil protection, Nikos Chardalias, in the state television. The situation was “dramatic,” according to the mayor of the most affected area of Messapia, on the island of Euboea, Giorgos Psathas.

Deutsche Presse-Agentur (dpa)

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