10 thoughtful self-care gift ideas to boost their wellbeing in 2021

Give the gift of calm this Christmas with a self-care present which will help them relax and unwind as we head into 2021.

The coronavirus pandemic has made self-care more valuable than ever.

So, after a year of heightened stress levels, bucketloads of anxiety and growing feelings of loneliness, there’s never been a better time to give someone a gift which will help them look after their emotional and physical wellbeing.

While there are many different kinds of meaningful presents on the market, there’s something particularly special about presenting a friend or loved one with a gift which shows you care about their wellbeing and has the potential to improve their quality of life – especially at a time when so many of us are struggling with our mental health.

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So, whether they’re struggling with their sleep, looking for a way to unwind, want to take better care of their body and mind or are simply in need of a mood booster, here’s our guide to the best self-care gifts to share with friends and family this Christmas. 

  • Bloom & Wild Flower Subscription

    Best self-care gift ideas: Bloom & Wild Flower Subscription.

    Give them the gift that keeps on giving with a flower subscription from online florist Bloom & Wild.

    With options ranging from three months to a year-long subscription, and a choice of seasonal and regular bouquets, there really is something to suit every flower-lover in your life – what better way to boost their mood in 2021?

    Shop Flower Subscription at Bloom & Wild, from £65 for three months


  • The School Of Life Who Am I? Guide

    Best self-care gift ideas: The School Of Life Who Am I? guided journal.

    With sections covering everything from sex and relationships to sorrow and compassion, Who Am I? is a guided journal packed with exercises to help them get to know themselves in 2021.

    This incredible book from The School Of Life is the perfect gift for someone who wants to understand themselves better. Not only can getting to know our inner selves help us to feel more confident about who we are, but it also equips us with the tools we need to deal with any emotional problems or flawed belief systems.

    Shop Who Am I? at The School Of Life, £15


  • Neom Organics The Gift Of Dreamy Nights

    Best self-care gift ideas: Neom Organics Gift Of Dreamy Nights.

    If the coronavirus pandemic has been messing with their sleep, this gorgeous ‘dreamy nights’ gift set from Neom Organics could be the perfect gift for them.

    Each gift box includes a 30ml bottle of Neom Organics’ Perfect Night’s Sleep Mist – a blend made up of 14 essential oils including English lavender, chamomile and patchouli – designed to help them relax and unwind for a restful night’s sleep.

    Shop The Gift Of Dreamy Nights at Neom Organics, £20


  • Sighh By Polly What If It All Goes Right? Mirror Decal

    Best self-care gift ideas: Sighh By Polly What If It All Goes Right? Mirror Decal.

    This adorable mirror decal from independent stationery brand Sighh By Polly is the perfect gift for any friend who struggles to keep their worries under control.

    Designed to stick to any smooth surface, including mirrors, tiles, glass and walls, let this positive quote serve as a reminder that things do go right – even when you’re not around to give a rousing pep talk.  

    Shop What If It All Goes Right? Mirror Decal at Sighh By Polly, £12.50


  • Rise & Fall Crisp & Cool Luxury Duvet Set

    Best self-care gift ideas: Rise & Fall Crisp & Cool Luxury Duvet Set.

    Bed linen might seem like an odd gift, but think about it: who wouldn’t love some beautiful crisp new sheets? No one, that’s who – and they’ll go down especially well with people who haven’t been sleeping well.

    This 400 thread count luxury duvet set (it comes with a duvet cover, fitted sheet and two pillow cases) is woven from organic, ethically sourced cotton, and – as the name suggests – is specially designed to feel crisp and cool. What a treat.

    Shop Crisp & Cool Luxury Duvet Set at Rise & Fall, from £110


  • Mynd Map MY Journal

    Best self-care gift ideas: Mynd Map MY Journal.

    Designed to help the user feel more inspired, motivated and “excited about life,” the MY Journal is a 12-week mindfulness journal filled with reflective prompts, space to plan and colouring pages to help them get back on track for 2021.

    Focused around six key themes – family and relationships, body and health, business and profession, money and finance, personal and spiritual and celebration and contribution – this journal is the perfect gift for anyone who is new to journaling and wants to learn more about practising gratitude and organising their life.

    Shop MY Journal at Mynd Map, £29.99


  • Casper Glow Light

    Best self-care gift ideas: Casper Glow Light.

    The Casper Glow is a portable, wireless light designed to aid sleep. It looks adorable, and feels genuinely thrilling to use: simply flip it over, and it starts emitting a soft, golden light not dissimilar to the glow given off by candles or a crackling fire.

    Turn it anticlockwise, and it gently dims; rotate it clockwise, and it gets brighter (seriously, the lack of cords or switches is incredible). You can also set it to gently wake you up in the morning. A great gift for anyone who needs lulling to sleep, but also for people who just love cool stuff.

    Shop Glow Light at Casper, from £109


  • Selfmade Boutique Soy Wax Candle

    Best self-care gift ideas: Selfmade Boutique Soy Wax Candle.

    If there’s one gift that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to their face, it’s a scented candle – and this one from independent candle brand Selfmade ticks all the boxes.

    Not only is it made out of soy wax (meaning it’s good for the environment), but because it’s scented with geranium and cedarwood essential oils, the aroma it releases is super relaxing. Plus, the label is made out of seeded paper, so it can be planted after use. What more could you want?

    Shop Boutique Soy Wax Candle at Selfmade, £24


  • Canopy Plants Chinese Money Plant

    Best self-care gift ideas: Canopy Plants Chinese Money Plant.

    Whether they’re a fully-fledged plant parent or have never owned a plant before, this Chinese money plant is the perfect gift for someone who struggles to relax.

    Not only have studies shown that simply looking at and being around the plants has the potential to boost our wellbeing, but the act of looking after plants – and watching something grow – can be seriously rewarding. Plus, this easy-care plant is pretty hard to kill, so it won’t add to their stress levels.  

    Shop Chinese Money Plant at Canopy Plants, from £14


  • Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath for the Senses

    Best self-care gift ideas: Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath for the Senses.

    Whether it’s your mum, your sister or your best mate, we all know someone who’s constantly running around after other people. Bath oil might seem a bit of an impersonal gift, but trust us: someone in need of five minutes’ peace will appreciate it deeply. 

    Containing lavender, ylang ylang and patchouli, this is a genuinely beautiful option.

    Shop Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath for the Senses at Cult Beauty, from £25


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